It’s hell getting old, but it beats the heck out of dying young.™
Meet Our Team Hank Apr 20-2013 013Maynard M.  Henry, Sr.  (Hank) Maynard is a former Infantry Office and Judge Advocate, and was a Major in the U.S.  Marine Corps.  Following his military career, he headed his legal firm’s litigation practice and earned a reputation as a tenacious and effective litigator for companies and individuals. He has taken his experience in sports and leadership and combined it with his business acumen to create FiftyFitandFine, a health and fitness business designed to provide a holistic approach to health, wealth, and happiness.

Charles Thomas Head ShotCharles Thomas   With over two decades of personal training experience, Charles Thomas has helped to improve physical fitness and enhance the quality of life for his clients ranging from elite athletes to special populations including senior citizens. Charles is currently a Personal Trainer & Track Coach in Northern, Virginia in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. He has trained a variety of clientele such as federal agents, military officers, professional basketball players, individuals new to health and fitness, high school athletes, marathon runners, doctors, fitness professionals, special needs clients and general fitness enthusiasts. A former track and field athlete, Charles knows what it takes to become a top level competitor with peak performance fitness and nutrition. Charles is a Certified Personal Trainer by the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA) and is CPR/AED certified. His in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition has benefited hundreds of clients throughout the Washington, D.C. area. He also teaches group fitness courses, including cycling and strength training courses. He continually seeks to improve his knowledge and ability to support his clients through self study including books, magazines, DVDs and attending seminars to improve not only as a personal fitness trainer, but as a leader and motivator.

Charles acquired the passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle during the six years he spent with the US Marine Corps. “The USMC’s healthy lifestyle and rigorous physical fitness demands has made me stronger and gave me a determination to overcome any obstacles to success.” Charles is also motivated and inspired by his Christian faith. “My spiritual beliefs help me teach others to achieve harmony through mind, body, and spirit.” Charles enjoys working with different fitness levels and developing programs for specific goals. His experience includes development of programs for teens, professional athletes, seniors, and individuals with special needs, to include clients battling obesity and obesity-related diseases. “I believe that fitness is an investment in oneself that is priceless. Given the opportunity, I can show you how to turn your investment into a gift that will last a lifetime.” Julio L. Matta Grand Master Julio Matta has been a practitioner of Meditation and        Martial Arts for more than 45 years. He is a Black Belt that has earned his 8th Dan/Hanshi recognition from the Molum Combat Arts/KIRU-DO Association. Grand Master Julio Matta has studied martial arts in fighting styles such as Taekwondo; Shotokan; Tai Chi Chuan, Hapkito, and several fighting styles in Northern Chinese Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu systems. Meditation has been part of his martial arts practice for over 45 years, while teaching students the mechanics of finding “Chi” our inner power, as taught to him by his previous instructors. THE SYNERGY MEDITATION CENTER AT ST. CHARLES is committed to providing an alternative holistic therapeutic approach to assist in the treatment of Stress, and stress-related illnesses. By educating our community and participants on the effects of Stress to our brain, body, emotions, and Focus, our members acquire a greater understanding of the evidence-based science behind why we need to meditate. OUR PROGRAMS WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH AN EXIT STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE A STRESS-FREE, RELAXED, PRODUCTIVE AND POSITIVE LIFESTYLE CHANGE. JOIN US!!!! FOCUS ON WELLNESS
Julio L. Matta, MPA, MBA
Synergy Meditation Center At St. Charles.
PH: 240-925-3599
Jody Long headshot
Jody R. Long, MS, RDN With over 20 years’ experience in nutrition and the healthcare industry, and presently working as both a Consulting Dietitian and Fitness Instructor, Jody is passionate about sharing integrative approaches to health and wellness with others. Ms. Long’s professional experience in foodservice and nutrition operations spans a wide range of environments and populations. She has had corporate-level oversight of food and nutrition related accounts and ancillary services in acute hospitals, full spectrum care retirement centers, military base operations, as well as academic and community nutrition arenas. As a consulting and clinical dietitian, Jody works with various populations in numerous medical areas, as well as home care, fitness centers and corporate wellness. Her services involve conducting comprehensive assessments and providing instruction, counsel and intervention. Jody considers the cornerstone of her endeavors to be opportunities for teaching and sharing about food/nutrition and fitness. Highlights include, teaching college and university nutrition classes, orchestrating community nutrition and wellness programs, leading grocery shopping tours, presenting at fitness expos and health fairs, and teaching fitness classes such as cycle spin, group fitness, weight lifting and yoga. Jody strives to be a health crusader making a difference by providing services with health and well-being as core values and pro-active change as a target for those served. Joe Henry Headshot Joseph J. Henry Joseph J. Henry is a multi-sport athlete, soccer being his main sport. He is currently in his third year of coaching youth travel soccer. As a student of the game and a two-time state champion, he was captain of his team. As a very health conscious person, staying in good physical shape is a standard he sets for himself and hopes to inspire others to be the same. When not coaching soccer and coaching youth in general physical fitness and stamina training, he is employed as a technical writer for a private contractor to the federal government. Prior to that he was an Iraq Program Assistant Intern, Orientation and In-Processing at the United States State Department. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Politics from George Mason University, and an Associate's degree in Marketing from Northern Virginia Community College. Joe likes to stay involved with youth and youth programs and has served as a Substitute Instructor, Fairfax County Public Schools. Part of his duties included creating an environment in which knowledge could be freely imparted, and he promoted the development of critical thinking skills through research and discussion. He incorporated technologies into students learning activities for varied academic disciplines, and he was resourceful and taught effectively in meeting the needs of students with limited English language proficiency as well as learning disabilities. Joe is a natural when working and training youth to be the best they can be, and he has the ability to inspire others to greater heights. Eric Simpson PhotoEric B. Simpson Eric B. Simpson has been a National Level Bodybuilder in the fitness industry and nutritional advisor for over 20 years. His experience ranges from competing at a high level in the National Physique Committee to prepping and training fellow Fitness‐ Figure‐Bodybuilding‐Physique‐Bikini competitors, as well as inspiring and motivating every day individuals that are simply looking to make a positive life change through fitness through bettering their current approach and outlook. Eric’s extensive knowledge of the human body and his cutting edge insight on knowing how to tweak any physique through calculated diagnosis of an individual’s metabolic rate have proven effective time and time again with his intricate and precise nutritional manipulation. Mr. Simpson’s professional experience in the fitness industry spans a wide range from teaching proper fitness techniques and form to movements that help target and benefit any individual’s achievable fitness goals by relieving every day aches and pains, increasing flexibility, range of motion, strength gain, weight loss, muscle gain, weight gain, toning, etc. Being in the fitness field for an extensive amount of time has allowed Eric to touch and change the lives of many individuals ranging from children in grade school trying out for school sports to the average adult that is looking to make a positive lifestyle change through learning proper eating and exercising regimen to competitive athletes seeking their national qualification or pro status in competitive fitness shows. Eric teaches through experience and knows that proper health and fitness is a huge and relevant aspect of every person’s life no matter the age. We live in a time where everything and everyone are on the go and many times we allow every day activities and family matters to get in the way of our own health, fitness and well‐being. We tend to neglect the most important thing.........we can’t continue to live a long and prosperous life if we are not caring for our health. Why not start today on your way to reclaiming the most important gift God has given to you and allow Eric to guide, teach and incorporate a new way of living into your life. He trains through innovative, creative, and individually crafted programs that fit your individual and specific goals you set out to conquer. Come be a part of our team and take charge of your life to regain back your sense of accomplishment, energy, endurance, health, and overall happiness.
“I am better shape now than I was when I was in my 30s. For me, life is beginning now in my 50s. Watch out now!”